Sunlight through Old Window



This shot was taken at Netley Abbey, Southampton on a very bright sunny afternoon.  Many books suggest this is bad light for photography and it is true there are shadows created that make many scenes look pretty poor.  However, shooting into the sun gives you the option of this type of shot.  I positioned myself so that the sun shone through the top window section and exposed for minimal detail in the walls – near silhouette.  Post processing I have only reduced the colour temperature a little to bring back the blue sky and removed a circle of lens flare.


Purple Clematis Bloom




Lily Centre Close Up

20130707_0007 blog


The very shallow depth of field here focuses attention on the centre stamen.  Surrounding pollen is still largely intact.

Iris Composition


A slightly different composition from those I normally take – can’t quite decide if I like it or not – still, the flower itself is impressive.

New Forest Mist



Early morning mist in the New Forest.

Cemetery Tree


Shot in the old cemetery on Southampton Common, I had to shoot into the light to avoid including buildings.  Conversion to black and white with the use of a strong green filter allows the tree branches to stand out against the foreground.

Lilioceris lilii – mating pair


The Scarlet Lily Beetle.  You do not want this anywhere near your lilies as over a couple of weeks in May it will completely destroy them – despite being less than 1cm long.  I have had them for a few years and it is necessary to pick them off every morning and evening if you want to keep your lilies.  However, they are fabulous looking creatures so I let a few continue their munching and proliferation.

Photographing these two was quite straightforward – I had collected a few specimens that evening and placed them in a white tub.  These two were clearly busy and therefore it was easy enough to photograph them and then isolate them on a white background.